“A Dog and Pony Show” is the cat’s Meow, a funny, funny film now on DVD

Listen up! The phrase “a dog and pony show” originated in 19th-century America as a term for small traveling circuses that toured through rural areas.
That was then.
Now there’s A Dog and Pony Show (Lionsgate), an uproarious family comedy that tells the story of Dede, a famous performing circus dog who gets left behind when her show leaves town. She’s discovered by Billy, a lonely city kid who’s just moved to a ranch nearby. Billy decides to adopt the vain and arrogant dog, but will she get along with the farm’s eccentric critters, including a sleep-deprived rooster, a gassy cow and a hypochondriac horse? And can Dede outwit the bumbling thieves from a rival circus who are plotting to kidnap the priceless pooch? How fast can you say f-u-n?

Starring Mae Whitman, Ralph Macchio and Mira Sorvino, this charming tale of two best friends–a circus dog and a pony–is filled with valuable life lessons guaranteed to make you sit, stay, roll over– and laugh, often and loudly..

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