Edge-of-your-seat terror: Japan’s Tohoku Region: At a magnitude of 9.0, the strongest earthquake in Japan’s history strikes

Oh, we do love these end-of-the-world flicks. Capelight Pictures is unleashing Fukushima 50 on DVD and Blu-ray on April 13.  Why worry about your taxes when you should worry about . . .
Japan’s Tohoku Region: at a magnitude of 9.0, the strongest earthquake in the country’s history strikes, triggering a huge tsunami and carnage that would end up killing thousands of people and displacing many more. It mercilessly engulfs the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, causing a crippling station blackout.
Unable to be cooled, the nuclear reactors quickly turn into hydrogen bombs at the brink of explosion. If the power plant is abandoned, Japan’s destruction is assured. Facing a life or death situation, the power plant workers known as the “Fukushima 50”, including shift supervisor Izaki and plant manager Yoshida, remain on the site until the bitter end. As the world holds its breath, the Fukushima 50 fight for their hometown, their families, and the future of Japan.

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