Pauly Shore and Jon Heder Lend their vocal talents to “The Little Penguin Pororo Island Treasure Adventure”

Less than 3 weeks after April Fools Day, Lionsgate releases a very animated adventure in fun to Digital, On Demand and DVD on April 20. Winner of the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages, kids will instantly love this fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

We’re not fooling.

The voices of Pauly Shore and Jon Heder return in the latest installment of the globally popular “Pororo” franchise The Little Penguin Pororo Island Treasure Adventure.

When plucky penguin Pororo and his animal pals decide to be the world’s greatest pirates, they discover a treasure map that brings them to a remote tropical island. There they meet marooned Captain Silver, who teaches them how to be good swashbucklers—but nasty Captain Dark shows up too, and wants the riches for himself.

To claim the gold guarded by the fierce sea monster Kraken, they must solve a series of magical puzzles. But how can they escape the island that holds them all captive?

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