Sarah Beth Durst has done it again. Another fantasy, another huge payload

Life can be a fantasy. For some people, fantasies can be lucrative. Big-time.

There’s no slowing down for award-winning author Sarah Beth Durst; with more than 20 twenty books she has penned,  she has proven herself as one of the most prolific fantasy writers of our generation. From her wildly popular The Queens of Renthia series to her last book Race the Sands, Durst  she repeatedly delivers compulsively readable epic adventures. The same holds true for her newest book The Bone Maker (Harper Voyager, $17.99).

Perfect for fans of The Bone Witch and avid bingers of HBO Max’s His Dark Materials, Sarah’s latest epic saga is set in an exquisite new world of towering mountains and sparkling cities, where magic wielders called bone makers use animal bones to animate lifeless objects. Twenty-five years ago, Kreya and her team of heroes defeated the Elkor, a corrupt bone maker who built homicidal monstrosities out of human bone. But victory came at a tragic price. Kreya lost her husband and fellow warrior Jentt.

Now, the heroes have aged, their story is fabled, and Kreya has shut herself away to a remote tower devoting herself to one purpose: resurrecting her dead husband. But the magic won’t last without human bones. She enlists the help of an old teammate and ventures into the forbidden Bone War battlefield to steal from the skeleton-littered plains. Soon, they discover a much more sinister threat lurking.

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