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We think of “Same Kind of Different as Me” as a miracle, a film that proves how a simple act of kindness can change everything.

Love is all around. And love is the same kind, even if a person is different.

Welcome to Same Kind of Different As Me, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on February 20 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  The film arrives on Digital tomorrow.

Based on The New York Times bestselling book and recipient of the Dove Foundation seal of approval for ages 12+, Same Kind of Different as Me follows successful art dealer Ron Hall (portrayed by Greg Kinnear) and his wife Debbie (Renée Zellweger), who seemingly have the perfect life.  But when their faith and family are tested, an unlikely bond with a homeless drifter (Djimon Hounsou). The film shows how a simple act of kindness can change everything.

The Blu-ray includes over an hour of behind-the-scenes bonus content, including deleted and extended scenes, featurettes, and commentary by director Michael Carney and writers Ron Hall and  Alexander Foard.  The DVD includes the feature film only.

“A Dog and Pony Show” is the cat’s Meow, a funny, funny film now on DVD

Listen up! The phrase “a dog and pony show” originated in 19th-century America as a term for small traveling circuses that toured through rural areas.
That was then.
Now there’s A Dog and Pony Show (Lionsgate), an uproarious family comedy that tells the story of Dede, a famous performing circus dog who gets left behind when her show leaves town. She’s discovered by Billy, a lonely city kid who’s just moved to a ranch nearby. Billy decides to adopt the vain and arrogant dog, but will she get along with the farm’s eccentric critters, including a sleep-deprived rooster, a gassy cow and a hypochondriac horse? And can Dede outwit the bumbling thieves from a rival circus who are plotting to kidnap the priceless pooch? How fast can you say f-u-n?

Starring Mae Whitman, Ralph Macchio and Mira Sorvino, this charming tale of two best friends–a circus dog and a pony–is filled with valuable life lessons guaranteed to make you sit, stay, roll over– and laugh, often and loudly..