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Great flick: Natasha Henstridge + Steve Byers + Chinook + a brave malamute = “Hero Dog: The Journey Home”

Doggone it! Leave it to Lionsgate to have such a fun flick coming out:  The thrilling family-friendly adventure where man’s best friend comes to the rescue, Hero Dog: The Journey Home, debuts on Digital, On Demand and DVD March 23. This inspiring story of a blind man finding the hope and strength to survive, the film was awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.

Starring Natasha Henstridge, this breathtaking family adventure shows how one animal’s courage can inspire us all. Crossing a lake by boat to return to his family, Royce (played by Steve Byers), who is blind, is stranded when the boat’s captain suddenly falls ill. To find help, Royce enlists Chinook, a brave malamute, to serve as his seeing-eye dog as they navigate the wilderness. Chinook must protect Royce from treacherous rapids, jagged rocks, and savage mountain lions on their long, heroic journey of survival.