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The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet. And may disappear.

What if your country was swallowed by the sea?

The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet, far removed from the pressures of modern life. The tiny nation (formerly called Gilbert Islands) is in danger of being engulfed by rising water levels or wiped out by patterns of extreme weather.

Kiribati president Anote Tong races to find options, from mass migration to building underwater cities. But the water grows higher and citizens are fleeing the island, leaving behind 4,000 years of Kirabati culture.

Montreal filmmaker Matthieu Rytz’s debut film,  Anote’s  Ark, is a study of the situation; the sweeping cinematography captures the shifting dynamics of climate change while crafting a portrait of the Kiribati people that reveals their strength as they face the looming waters head on.

“The country will be drowned in the next 50 years, no matter the investments and agreements” said in his Kickstarter pitch for the film.  “I am so honored and I feel like I need to tell the story of this nation before it completely drown out.”

It’s not tough picturing the Beatles, but for the record, “Visualizing the Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band” deconstructs the fab Four album by album 

Beatles fans will twist and shout when they get a gander at th beautifully designed and endlessly fascinating, Visualizing the Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band (Dey Street Books, $26.99). It’s  quite nifty to flip through; the illustrations and graphics are colorful and highly informative and entertaining. The data and infographics present a fresh and innovative new way of understanding Paul and John and George and Ringo.

y648.jpg (505×648)We realized why the magical history tour of the career of the Fab Four, explored album-by-album,  has that addictive “feel good” look: The authors, John Pring and Rob Thomas, are professional graphic designers with a slew of top tier corporate clients. Do you want to know a secret?  Having a successful Kickstarter fund for this book didn’t hurt.

“As designers, we wondered what it would look like to visualize The Beatles and chart their story—the evolution of their music, style and characters—through a series of graphics,” write Pring and Thomas in the introduction. “What might presenting the information in a totally different way, never done before on this scale, tell us that we hadn’t noticed or appreciated previously?”

Copyright 2018, from the book

Organized by album from Please Please Me to Let It Be, this stunning book deconstructs:

  • Song lyrics
  • Which Beatle carried how much of the songwriting load
  • Instruments used
  • Style evolution of their active years
  • Album designs
  • Track length
  • Who took lead vocals when
  • Success of singles across the world
  • Tour dates
  • Hairstyles . . .
  • And let is be said  lots more!