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Jorge Cramez ‘s “Amor Amor” proves that love is a many-sided thing

We always focus on love. It makes the world go around, It brings peace and joy and happiness.

So now we focus on Jorge Cramez’s Amor Amor (IndiePix), starring Jorge Freitas as Jorge, a manipulative and self-centered photographer who feels stuck in his long relationship with Marta (Ana Moreira). Head over heels in love with him, Marta is also the new object of desire of Jorge’s friend, Carlos (Nuno Casanovas), who also happens to be in a relationship with Ana’s best friend, the cynical Lígia (Margarida Vila-Nova). Lígia’s romantic younger brother Bruno (Guilherme Moura) is also infatuated with Marta.

Complicated? Perhaps, but why have a conventional love triangle when you can have a pentagon of feelings and manipulation?

A loose adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s 17th-century play La Place Royale, Amor Amor tells the story of a group of friends spending New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, living love’s zigzags. There are those who come to discover themselves. Those who come to discover love. And those who come to discover the limits of their own freedom. At this New Year’s Eve, everything can change, but not exactly as one expects.
Easy to love this film, nominated for the Grand Jury Award at IndieLisboa. It’s so good that, Ana Moreira was also nominated for “Best Actress” at the 2019 Portuguese Autores Awards. As our dear friends at IndiePix say, “love is a many-sided thing”!