Never use Shutterfly. They are a scam. A true story.

Christmas 2017.

A pathological liar, racist, misogynist, homophobe and xenophobe “heads” the country.

Shutterfly heads the scam process.

Let me explain.
On November 25, I ordered a personalized photo pillow as a gift.
It never arrived.
I complained to Shutterfly, spoke to an outsourced (!)  woman in some foreign country who could barely speak English. She had another sent.
It never arrived.
A third one was sent. It never arrived.
They never arrived to the legitimate Boston PO Box to which they were addressed; they were delivered to Tempe, Arizona.

Here is the tracking information for one pillow:


    DEC 14

    DEC 12


    Tempe, AZ
    DEC 12

I learned that UPS is not legally allowed to deliver to the USPS (a post office), yet Shutterfly refuses to acknowledge they did something wrong.
Shutterfly bookmaking
The Tempe, AZ scam room.
As a noted journalist since 1979, I contacted Nicole Steir, who is listed as the “media representative.” Emails were sent to  and Her photo is below, stolen from Linked IN. (That site descibes her as “Director, Public Relations & Corporate Communications/Shutterfly Inc./ – Present (3 years)”
She refused to return my calls and refused to answer my emails. Instead, she had someone named Levy Hamilton call me from South Carolina. He refused to leave a message on my machine. 
Nicole (Bender) Stier

Even a cursory web search  will lead you to the ONE STAR reviews Shutterfly has received. [Read them here:]

As a way to doing damage control, CEO Christopher North has been heading south . . . he has Shutterfly “Donating” and “giving away” $10,000 checks to various guests on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Anything to make Shutterfly look good.


Their website claims their mission is “Make the world a better place by helping people share life’s joy.”

Bullshit! That’s why we refer to them as Shitterfly, away.