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Looking for a “toxic” flick? “Accident Man’ is no accident, man

It’s no accident that we stumbled across some great news, especially since we are fans of the underground British comic Toxic! (It was a weekly comic published by Apocalypse Ltd. from March 28, 199 to October 24, 1991, a total of 31 issues. What’s a die-hard fan to do?
Watch the movie. , A deadly hit-man becomes an accidental hero in the pulse-pounding action-thriller Accident Man based on Toxic! It’s available on DVD and Digital February 6 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

This darkly humorous and stylishly violent adaptation stars Scott Adkins as Accident Man, a stone-cold killer who must face off against a rogue’s gallery of ruthless assassins in order to uncover the truth about his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Co-starring Ashley Greene, David Paymer and action fan favorites Ray Park, Ray Stevenson and Michael Jai White, Accident Man hits its target with a lethally entertaining combination of explosive fight scenes and hilarious moments.

Killer bonus features include audio commentary with star/producer/co-writer Scott Adkins and co-writer Stu Small and two making-of featurettes. In “Assassin’s Roll Call,” meet the crew of assassins that make it their mission to make their kills look like accidents and hear from director Jesse V. Johnson, Scott Adkins and the cast on how they made every fight look like a work of art in “Violent Ballet: Filming the Fights.”