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First he showed us to “Unfuck Yourself.” Now Gary John Bishop now offers us “Stop Doing That Shit”

Everyone fucks up. Me. You. Pope Francis. And every Republican.

Now it’s time to stop doing shit.

From the author of the New York Times and international bestseller Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop now offers us Stop Doing That Sh*t, a no-holds barred guide to breaking through our cycles of self-sabotaging behavior to get what we want out of life.

Bishop explains how our destructive cycles come down to the way that we’re wired. He then identifies different types of people and the ways we fuck ourselves over: We can’t save money. We land in the same type of toxic relationship. We’re stuck in a rut at work.

Analyzing why we act the way we do, including what our common grenades are that blow up our lives, Bishop then shows how we can interrupt the cycle and stop self-sabotaging our lives. Written in the same in your face style as Unfu*k Yourself, Stop Doing that Sh*t will help us get in touch with our psychological machinery so we learn to interrupt negative thoughts and behavior before they start, allowing us to give our attention to something else, and start to find success in the areas we thought we never could.

We can take back our lives. We may have fucked up in the past, but Stop Doing That Sh*t will show us how to break the patterns in order to live the lives we yearn to have.