A “Cunt” that’s as good as it was 20 years ago. No, not that cunt!

Twenty years after the publication of this feminist classic, Inga Muscio returns with a modern update to the original female empowerment manifesto.

The fully revised Cunt, 20th Anniversary Edition (Seal Press, $17.99) explores feminist issues old and new—with a fresh perspective for a new generation of women. Topics include:

  • Defining and reclaiming cunt in 2018
  • The importance of an intersectional feminist approach that examines issues of race and class alongside gender
  • Trans-inclusionary feminism and why genitals don’t define womanhood
  • The danger of competition and negativity between women
  • Tactics for seizing reproductive control
  • The history of whoredom and why sex workers deserve respect

With three sections, “The Word,” “The Anatomical Jewel” and “Reconciliation” as well as reading and listening lists to continue the conversation, this new edition of Cunt invites a new generation of feminists to explore and embrace their inherent power.