Petrucelli Picks: 2018 Gift Guide: Our Picks for the Best Home and Garden Wonders

Such incredible is the Instant Pot ( users call themselves “Potheads”. And with good reason. The device has never allowed grass to grow under its sturdy bottom—Instant Pots can be used for sautéing, pressure-cooking, steaming, warmer, even making yogurt and cheesecakes.

Such magic for $100.

They were founded by Instant Brands Inc., and hit the market in 2010, One can choose among a few different types of Instant Pot—including one without the yogurt function (the 6-in-1) and another that has Bluetooth capabilities (the Smart). I have the No. 1 bestseller: the 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker.

Need recipes? Have a suggestion? Join the Instant Pot Community on Facebook; a week before Christmas, more than 1,627,440 Potheads were chatting and cooking.

Truly a miraculous, easy-to-use appliance. Instant Pot new York-Style Cheesecake, anyone?

We wax poetic on the neat line of candles from Insight Luminaries ( Wizards and muggles will relish the Harry Potter-inspired wonders. Choose from several and illuminate on several that cast a warm glow as they display famed Hogwarts house crests, fan-fave phrases , even the exclusive Golden Snitch. The huge  sculpted pillar candles last forever because the exterior never melts! And we really really like the trio votive collection.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Large Insignia Candle

Insight Luminaries also creates DC Comics with candles. Especially nifty are the tin candles featuring such femme faves as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman.

We have used Fiskars ( scissors for decades. And we mean the same pair with their trademark orange handles. Yep, that shows just how dependable and well-made Fiskars products are. Our garden work is now easier with two great finds.

The Fiskars Stand-Up Weeder is designed to remove weeds and their roots without sore knees, an aching back or harsh chemicals, with an enhanced design to make a weed-free lawn easier than ever.  Just place the head over a weed, step down on the reinforced foot platform, and the four serrated, stainless-steel claws will grab the weed by the root for clean removal. 3995_IU_-step_001_HRAn offset hand reduces wrist strain, a viewing window in the pedal makes claw placement mistake-free, and an easy-eject mechanism clears the head between uses for quick and easy cleanup.  And they come with a lifetime warranty.

Raking the leaves and picking them up got a lot easier when we found Fiskars’ Hard-Shell Bottom Kangaroo Garden Bag. The pop-up gardening container makes outdoor cleanup easy, and a hard bottom provides durability that can stand up to any terrain. Hate gardening?  Use this toys or laundry from your clothesline—the reinforced bottom offers enhanced durability.

HardShell® Bottom Kangaroo® Garden Bag (30 gallon)

An innovative design folds to 3.5″ for space-saving storage, and an internal spring pops it up when you’re ready to use it. Sturdy handles make carrying and unloading our Kangaroo Gardening Container easy. A durable, tear- and mildew-resistant design provides lasting value, and the HardShell bottom prevents damage, even if you’re dragging it over rough terrain.